It' decided!

After succesfull premieres o all the nine pieces the jury decided to donate a second and two third prices. Below are the winners and short statements to each piece by the jury:

Joan Riera Robusté: Estudi de Proporcions n. 5 (Portes...)

We had been convinced by the sensitive mixture of sound and noise in the Estudi de Proporcions n. 5 that add to a highly individual colour of the piece. In addition the estudi are formally determined and create a big tension that lasts over the whole length of the piece.

Stefan Johannes Hanke: La Tache Bleue

At La Tache Bleue we had been struck by the unusual rythmical variety of the composition. Furthermore the listener encounters a self-determined limitation of this material that is used in a very sensitive way to its borders.

Sven-Ingo Koch: Drei kleine Trios

The idea on which the Drei kleine Trios is based - three independet voices that are not synchronized but nevertheless meet at important places - is carried out very convincing and evident to the ears. An almost breathing, flexible sound-texture is created.

The audience award was given to the composition Crossed three Phase Set/Trio by Hernán Dario Palmieri.

Congratulations to all winners!

Review (in german only)

The composition contest "Dresden 2006 - Sound↔City↔Silence" had 119 entries from 33 countries. On November 28 and 29 2007 the jury met to decide about the 9 pieces to be premiered. In addition to the musicians of the elole pianotrio the composers Friedemann Schmidt-Mechau and Michael Flade formed this jury. Since the composers have to be anonymous to the second jury, we publish just the titles of the pieces.

We thank all participants and invite you to attend to the concerts on October 7 2006:

The members of the jury are:

Thanks to the Am Kreuzkirchenpark GmbH and Dr. Karl-Heinz Gerstenberg for donating for the prices.

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